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Innovative approach to tax-managed investing: ProActive Tax Management 

      • •  Our SmartCapture process provides opportunities to generate tax alpha in both rising and falling markets.
      • •  We seek opportunities to harvest tax benefits every trading day, not just once a year.


Fully Invested

  • •  We provide full market participation at all times utilizing low cost, passive, brand name ETFs.
  • •  Tax benefits are captured while desired exposure is maintained.


Innovative Technology

  • •  We actively monitor every security in every client account every day.
  • •  Our tax sensitive trading software facilitates efficient execution.


ETF Expertise

    • •  Our team consists of ETF experts with extensive experience in ETF research, trading and portfolio construction.


Our active tax management discipline delivers tax efficiency three ways:
1. We use only low-cost, passive ETFs which are inherently more tax efficient than most mutual funds.

2. Our loss capture process can offset capital gains that may be realized within the portfolio.

3. Any excess losses may be used to offset realized gains outside the portfolio.