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Global Equity Strategy

Green Harvest Asset Management’s Core Index Plus Global Equity Strategy (benchmark: Global All-Cap Index) offers investors access to a passively managed portfolio of passive exchange-traded funds. This strategy employs Green Harvest’s advanced SmartCapture Discipline which is a proprietary, multi-step loss harvesting process designed to:
Maximize Loss Capture: Losses are captured when an optimum loss-harvesting threshold target is met.
Minimize Tracking Error: When an ETF is sold, proceeds are simultaneously swapped into a similar ETF.


• Provide tax alpha to investors by reducing taxes owed annually on realized capital gains by loss harvesting (matching realized losses to realized gains).
• Differentiate model portfolios and add flexibility by converting to index exposures enhanced with loss harvesting.
• Unlock “frozen” assets with imbedded capital gains via Green Harvest transition portfolios.

Characteristics (as of 6/30/18)

Price/Cash Flow9.37
Dividend Yield (%)3.00*
Beta (Since inception)1.03
Tracking Error (Since Inception)1.05
*Dividend yield of Portfolio ETFs

Performance and Loss Capture (through 3/31/18)

Performance1Q19YTD 2019Since Inception
Green Harvest Core Index Plus Global Equity – Institutional (Gross) 12.61% 12.61%17.73%
Green Harvest Core Index Plus Global Equity – Institutional (Net) 12.50% 12.50%16.80%
GHAM Global Equity Index 12.45% 12.45%18.87%

Top Sectors % (as of 3/31/18)

  • Portfolio
  • Global All-Cap Index

Top Countries % (as of 3/31/18)

  • Portfolio
  • Global All-Cap Index

Fact Sheet