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Green Harvest Asset Management regularly publishes short Insights on a variety of topics for asset managers, clients, and interested individuals alike. Check back to this page for our latest Insight into tax-loss harvesting and asset management.

Benchmarking Managers That Offer Loss Capture

The latest Insight from Green Harvest Asset Management offers a look inside how we have created a benchmark for loss capture, so that our performance, as well as the performance of other asset managers an investment advisor firms, can be compared to the available loss opportunity of the broad market. We take you through understanding the loss harvesting opportunity, creating a benchmark, types of practical index benchmarks, and selecting a loss capture benchmark.

Introduction to Tax-Loss Harvesting

This Insight from Green Harvest Asset Management examines three different ways of harvesting losses within a portfolio, and the pros and cons of each. The Bailing Out, Sell and Repurchase, and Simultaneous Swap (Green Harvest) Strategies each have their merits for security owners looking for a loss, but a close look at each strategy shows that one has clear advantages over the other two.

Fact Sheets

U.S. Equity – Institutional Fact Sheet

U.S.  Equity РCustom Fact Sheet

Global Equity – Institutional Fact Sheet

High Income Municipal Fact Sheet