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Loss Harvesting

How can ETFs potentially improve Loss Harvesting opportunities when compared to individual equity portfolios?

There are numerous benefits to using ETFs when loss harvesting. One of the main benefits is that ETFs better enable you to stay invested when swapping positions. ETFs also facilitate entry into potentially less-accessible markets, such as non-U.S. equities and fixed income.

Why is the ability to swap multiple times so important?

The majority of loss harvesting normally occurs during an extended downtrend in a sector, industry, country, or global region, which can provide ongoing and continuous TLH opportunities.

Does volatility affect the availability of TLH opportunities?

Volatility is an important factor in determining the availability of loss harvest opportunities for a few reasons, but primarily because increased levels of volatility often accompany market declines. That said, investors need to be nimble and prepared as the best opportunities may occur only briefly and during times of market stress.

Green Harvest

What does Green Harvest Do?

Green Harvest designs and manages ETF portfolios seeking to track US, global, and custom indices while maximizing after-tax returns.

How does Green Harvest strive to help investors maximize after-tax returns?

Green Harvest strives to maximize after-tax returns throughout the investment process principally in 2 ways: 1) GHAM carefully constructs portfolios to increase the opportunities for TLH as well as for GHAM’s future ability to capitalize on them, and 2) GHAM has developed Smart Capture, a proprietary approach to TLH to effectively and efficiently harvest available losses.

How does Green Harvest determine when to swap?

GHAM’s proprietary Smart Capture approach to LH seeks to effectively and efficiently harvest available losses by taking into account a number of factors that may affect after-tax returns and tracking differences to the benchmark. Some of those factors include, but are not limited to: the  size of the loss capture opportunity, the availability and desirability of suitable swap candidates and the total cost to the portfolio of completing the swap.

Why choose Green Harvest?

After 9 year bull markets in both stocks and bonds, many investors are sitting on sizable gains. GHAM can help investors remain invested while maximizing their opportunity for harvesting losses to offset gains in other parts of the portfolio.  Investors may also want to consider how increased levels of volatility will affect their portfolios and seek to position accordingly.

To find out more about Green Harvest’s tax-loss harvesting strategy please contact us at 603.501.0048 or