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A disciplined investment process to provide core exposure and generate tax alpha.

Our Process


Determine suitable strategy and benchmark to meet client needs.
Portfolios are client-specific, unique and start date dependent
Identify suitable, low-cost, passive, name brand ETFs to provide desired exposures.
ETFs from leading sponsors, providing:
  • Low costs
  • Tax efficiency
  • Liquidity
Construct portfolio of ETFs designed to capture the return and risk attributes of a selected broad market index for the desired asset class.
Portfolio is fully invested:
  • Full market participation
  • No cash “drag” on performance
Determine optimum loss harvesting thresholds for each portfolio component ETF using our advanced SmartCapture discipline which is an active, proprietary process designed to generate tax alpha.
Trading at optimum thresholds lowers turnover and costs and may lower tracking error
Monitor individual ETF holdings every day, screening for opportunities to capture tax benefits (losses).
Opportunity to harvest losses every day in both up and down markets, not just once a year
Harvest tax alpha when target thresholds are met, and replace holding with a similar ETF.
Tax benefits are captured while desired exposure is maintained