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Green Harvest is the creator of the advanced SmartCapture Discipline. SmartCapture is our proprietary Tax Benefit Capture strategy designed to optimize ETF selection, maximize loss capture, minimize tracking error and efficiently implement trading.

  1. Our team of experts implements an optimized process to create a universe of suitable, low-cost, passive, name brand ETFs for every possible sector, industry, country or regional exposure.
  2. Tax regulator (IRS) interactions and outside counsel provided critical input regarding their views on loss harvesting.
  3. SmartCapture optimizer selects the most suitable anchor ETF and multiple swap candidates for each country, region, sector, industry or other exposure. SmartCapture algorithms generate estimated optimum loss capture thresholds for all portfolio ETFs.
  4. Proprietary, advanced technology, with Core Index Plus models and ETFs, as well as ETF trading thresholds, integrated into our tax sensitive trading software.